Our Vision

FERROSER's primary goals are Quality, Client Satisfaction, Leadership, Honesty and last but not least, taking good care of People, Environment and Suppliers. We value long term client relationships, and for this we regard our clients as partners. We promise to be frank and honest in our relations.

Our Mission

Thanks to years of experience and trusted relations with clients, FERROSER has achieved to be the leading provider and manufacturer of Tundish Nozzles in the Iron & Steel Industry. FERROSER will continue with their investments for further growth and to further improve company position in both Iron & Steel and Cement Industries. In the short-term the goal of our company is to combine Total Quality Management system with technology in order to achieve a flawless business model.

Our Basic Goals

• "With "Societal Responsibility" in mind, maintaining "Unconditional Client Satisfaction" by providing our clients with the products they need, duly and on time"

• "Led by a "Total Quality" mindset, continuously improving the quality of our products and creating an environment of trust among our employees, our suppliers and our clients."

• "We guarantee Quality, Good Price and On-time Delivery. This in turn guarantees the future of our company."